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sg2k 12

Get ready for an unforgettable journey with the most exclusive supercar rally of 2024 – SG2K 12, from Prague 2 Dubrovnik.

The twelfth edition of StreetGasm2000 takes it’s participants on a journey that combines the best of our classic routes with exciting new destinations. It’s promising you a diverse adventure with the fines driving roads that will keep your adrenaline pumping.

With a maximum of just 60 elite teams, SG2K 12 promises an exclusive and unforgettable experience that is not to be missed.

7 Days, 5 Countries, 60 teams, 10.000 Stories!





The adventure of SG2K 12 starts in the enchanting city of Prague, a place that has graciously hosted the beginning of our supercar rally twice before. Our teams will be welcomed at one of the most remarkable starting locations in SG2K history, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. As the sun sets over this captivating city, we’ll make our way to one of Prague’s finest and newest 5-star hotels, ensuring our teams are pampered in luxury and comfort.

Once the official event check-in is complete, our teams are invited for a gala kickoff dinner at one of the finest venues Prague has got to offer. This promises to be an evening of delicious dining en fine wines together with the SG2K Family as we celebrate the start of this remarkable journey. But of course, the night is far from over…

get the SG2K vibe going in the city's hottest club

Kick-Off Bash in Prague! 🎉

Before we hit the road, let’s start SG2K 12 with a bang! On night one, we’re throwing an epic kick-off party in Prague, and trust us, it’s gonna be lit! 🔥

We’re taking over the city’s hottest club, which is a member of the Prestigious Top 100 Clubs of The World, ranked by DJ Mag. Get ready to party, have fun, and create memories with your SG2K fam like never before.

This SG2K Kick-off party is where the adventure begins, where we set the vibe for the journey ahead. This is your chance to be part of the SG2K legacy!



Get ready for THE most exciting moment of 2024, as we launch SG2K in style at the beautiful Troja Castle in Prague!

Troja Castle, a symbol of Prague’s rich history and architectural beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for our thrilling kickoff. With its stunning gardens, grandeur, and centuries-old charm, this location adds an extra layer of elegance to our event.

Picture this: supercars scattered in a picturesque garden, and the public invited to witness the spectacle. At 12:00 sharp, our fabulous StreetGasm Girls will drop the flag, and that’s when SG2K 12 officially takes off.



We all know that special feeling. Your heartbeat rises, goosebumps appear, you feel the excitement of the buzzing crowd….

That is the start event of SG2K.

There will be an epic lineup of the fastest and most flashy supercars you can imagine. But here’s the twist – we encourage our teams to go all out and embrace their wild side. This means crazy car wraps, drivers dressed to impress, and hilarious pranks that’ll keep everyone entertained. It all comes together in the SG2K Crazy Theme battle to claim the highly-desired title of SG2K 12 Winner. Eventually you want to get your hands on one of those SG2K trophies. Let the games begin!

StreetGasm Girls
Czech republic > Slovakia


Bratislava, a city that needs no introduction in the world of SG2K! This enchanting European gem is not just a stop on our rally; it’s a place of incredible significance, as it played host to the start of our annual rally in 2021. Bratislava holds a special place in our hearts, and this year, we return with even more excitement and splendor.

As we enter the city a big crowd awaits us for the public car display just in front of our luxurious 5 star hotel. We simply can’t wait to be back in this great city!


CAPITAL No.3 in a row

The heart of Croatia, Zagreb. The city that has witnessed the exhilarating roar of SG2K not once, not twice, but three times before! Our bond with this city runs deep, and this time around, we’re pulling out all the stops to ensure our teams experience Zagreb to the fullest.

The streets will be buzzing with the energy of our event, and the enthusiasm of the crowd will be unforgettable! We will spend the night in the beautiful 5 star Esplanade hotel, which is the oldest 5 star hotel in Zagreb and has a stunning history.

Beach resorts, former palaces

top notch 5-star HOTELS

SG2K 12 will take you to top-notch stays! We’ve lined up the finest 5-star hotels just for you. Picture beachfront beauties along the stunning Croatian coast, freshly opened gems, historic palaces turned into luxurious retreats, and ancient buildings transformed into your dream hotels.

When you join us, you don’t just travel; you stay in the absolute best places. Get ready for a VIP experience like no other! Get ready to live the high life on this supercar adventure!

One of StreetGasm's favorite roads

The Jadranska Magistrala

During the second half of the tour, the serpentine roads along the Adriatic coast lead us to the most Southern part of Croatia. We’re hitting the legendary Jadranska Magistrala with 60 supercars, winding through endless curves and soaking in stunning vistas.

Starting in Rijeka, making a two-day stop in Split, and finishing strong in Dubrovnik. We’ll explore the most beautiful cities along the Croatian coast – places we’ve fallen in love with during our 0ther StreetGasm adventures.

The Joy of Driving

With the StreetGasm Family

At SG2K 12, we’re all about the thrill of driving! Our team is always on a mission to handpick the ultimate roads for you. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime, with some of the world’s most beautiful coastal routes, jaw-dropping mountain passes, and those twisty, windy roads that make your heart race. We can’t wait for this epic adventure!

time to kick back and relax

Day of rest in Split

At SG2K 12, our teams will be treated with a much-needed break at a beautiful beach resort in Split. They’ll be soaking up the sun and beach vibes for two nights.

During this downtime, it’s all about you – whether you want to island-hop, laze by the pool, or stroll through the charming city of Split. Speaking of Split, it’s a gem with the ancient walls of Diocletian’s Palace that still stand, adding to its unique charm. This is your time to unwind and re-energize before that last stage to the SG2K Finish!

Dubrovnik - The Grand Finale

Prepare for the Ride of Your Life!

From Split, our rally takes us to the pearl of the Adriatic. Beautiful scenic roads will lead all teams to Dubrovnik. Here, you’ll enjoy a delightful closing dinner in the old town. This serves as the prelude to the grand finale, our legendary closing party that you won’t want to miss.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this crazy adventure!
Get ready for SG2K 12!