Our most spectaculair

road-going adventure so far!

Different than every other year, this year we will reveal the complete SG2K route. This year, our most spectacular road-going adventure so far will take you to Morocco!

For the first time in SG2K History we will switch continents and we will bring our SG2K family to Africa. Limited to 75 teams only this adventure will be unforgettable.

The Family arrives in Portugal


We welcome our teams to the beautiful and iconic Myriad hotel. A true landmark which is located on the Tagus river.

Upon your arrival, the SG2K cars will be parked at the starting grid and you will have plenty of time to meet the other teams. Here the SG2K ELEVEN event check-in will take place and you will be invited for the official driver’s briefing and welcome ceremony.

After this first official part of this adventure, we will take you to the SG2K Welcome diner. Prepare yourselves for a spectacular gala dinner show at Lisbon’s finest hotspot.

Welcome dinner & kickoff night

at Lisbon's Finest hotspot

After the official start of the event, all teams are invited to the traditional SG2K Welcome dinner. Tonight you will be treated with an exquisite gala dinner show at the trendiest hotspot of the city. With an amazing view on one of the two world famous bridges Lisbon hosts, this will absolutely be a night to remember.

Prepare yourself for an evening filled with delicious food and a spectacular dinner show, together with the SG2K Family of 2023!



The public start of SG2K ELEVEN is the morning event where we are all counting down to that one moment when the flag drops for the first time. The SG2K Friends and Fans are awaiting us and are looking forward to all of the engines getting fired up.

This is also the first moment where the teams are showing up in their SG2K Theme outfits. Here the SG2K Madness is about to begin. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing creations the SG2K teams have come up with. Which team has the craziest outfit and will take the highly desired SG2K Trophies?!

At noon the flag will drop and all teams will head towards their next destination. SG2K ELEVEN has begun!


carefully selected driving roads

From Lisbon, we’ll drive our first leg towards the Algarve region where we will spend the night in the brand new 5 star W Hotel.

We have carefully selected some of Portugals finest driving roads. The winding roads and breathtaking scenery of the South of Portugal stole our hearts and we can’t wait to enjoy this together with the SG2K Family.

The W Algarve hotel is brand new and the atmosphere there gives you the feeling of arriving at your new home. Here you have time to enjoy the hotel’s facilities. Jump into one of the pools, take a seaside stroll or explore the city of Albufeira.

When the evening falls, we will invite you for an SG2K Family dinner in the beautiful gardens of the hotel. Of course with a special SG2K touch…

Stage 2 - Algarve to Tangiers

Let's go to Africa

After our night in the W Algarve, you will enjoy a spectaculair scenic drive to the most Southern part of Europe. Upon arrival in Tarifa, the ferry is ready to take us to Africa. After a short cruise, the city of Tangiers will appear on the horizon. Welcome to Morocco!

The Morrocan people are delighted to await us at the port of Tangiers and welcome them to their country. This will be a special moment for both the SG2K drivers as for the locals.

It will be a 15 minute drive to an idyllic resort just outside the city. Here we will spend our first African SG2K night. Tangiers has a vibrant nightlife, which our teams are free to explore as they wish. For those who would rather stay at the resort there will be a nice BBQ organized.

Stage 3 - Tangiers to Marrakesh

The African Miles

Our teams will start the engines and prepare for an adventurous drive through the Kingdom of Morocco. After Tangiers, our journey continues Southwards to the city of Casablanca where we will have a delicious lunch on a unique location.

From here, it’s just an afternoon drive towards Marrakesh before we will arrive at the breathtaking Royal Palm Resort. This is absolutely one of the finest resorts in Morocco and will be our homebase for the coming two nights.

SG2K teams will be invited for a superb Moroccan diner before we get dressed up for tonights booming party!

You're gonna need the day of rest

Party like there is no tomorrow

During our first night in the Red City we have planned a booming party in the hottest club of Morocco. And they absolutely know how to throw an epic party!

You may rest assured that we have something spectacular planned for our teams…

Spectacular desert drive

& day of rest

For the SG2K die-hards (who don’t need to recover from the night before) we have planned a small excursion towards the Agafay desert. Shortly after we have left the resort, we will reach the wilder landscapes. With our own cars we will steer over the winding roads with perfect stretches of asphalt. There is a lot to see around us, and on the horizon the Atlas mountain range will come closer and closer.

After a small stop with typical Moroccan tea and local sweets, we will be heading back to our homebase and you’ll have the rest of the day to relax or explore the city. Marrakech is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. Enjoy the Arabic vibe, Moroccan food, its famous palaces and charming riads (traditional houses), there is a lot to explore in Marrakesh.

Stage 4 - Marrakesh to Rabat

The road to Rabat

From Marrakesh, we will continue our route towards Rabat where we welcome you to the governmental capital city of Morocco. You are invited to a magnificent Morrocan dinnershow with traditional food and entertainment. During this evening the charity auction will be held.

SG2K ELEVEN x lymph&co

Charity Drivers Dinner

StreetGasm & Lymph&Co are happy to invite you for the SG2K ELEVEN Charity Dinner. During this lovely evening on a magical location we will dine, wine and enjoy together with the SG2K family.

read more about our Charity partner
Stage 5 - Rabat to Marbella

Back to Europe for the grande finale

The final leg! Once the engines are roaring once more, we will set course to Tangiers to take the fast ferry back to España. Upon arrival in Spain, the scenic route towards Marbella will take us to the finish of SG2K Eleven.

Once we have arrived at the 5 star the Westin La Quinta hotel, you have time to freshen up and get dressed. You will be picked up at the hotel and brought to one of the many great venues Marbella has got to offer.

That one final night

FInish in marbella

We have planned a fantastic closing dinner to celebrate the grand finale of SG2K ELEVEN together. We will look back on a great journey, a true road-going adventure, which we have completed with the entire SG2K Family. Tonight we will toast one last time on SG2K ELEVEN.

After the dinner the SG2K ELEVEN Award Ceremony will take place. There will be awards for the craziest car, best wrap, loudest exhaust but the most desired ones are of course for the Craziest Themes! Finally we will know which teams had the most original theme’s, craziest outfits and cars during the event.

To finish the evening we will throw a banging party in one of Marbella’s hotspots.

All good things come to an end

Time to say goodbye! After a good night sleep, our teams will pack their bags and be heading home.

Teams who have booked the optional transport can go to the airport on their own behalf and the StreetGasm team will make sure your car gets on the trailer.