7 days 60 cars 2000 miles 10000 stories
back in 2006


In 2006, Maurice Hartsuiker started a car community and named it StreetGasm. StreetGasm soon became a close group of friends sharing the same passion together; the passion for driving fast cars. In 2011 the first international tour StreetGasm 500 was organized, where 500 stood for the amount of driven kilometers during the trip. It was the prologue of what would become one of Europe’s leading supercar roadtrips.

Maurice’s philosophy was to provide a unique experience which was based on the joy of driving fast cars together with friends. StreetGasm 500 has evolved into StreetGasm 2000 (SG2K), the annual supercar tour as we know it today. SG2K has gained global attention with each year participants from all over the world. 

In the meantime the car community StreetGasm has grown rapidly and has become the leading supercar community of Europe. With multiple events spread over the world for every kind of driver, StreetGasm is the place to be for those who enjoy the supercar lifestyle to the fullest.

Epic supercar sg2k 7
A unique rally experience

that can't be found anywhere else

Each year SG2K is taking more than 100 teams from all over the world on a luxurious and unique road-going adventure. It takes you onto a whole new level of automotive experiences, not found anywhere else!

Driving 2000 kilometers alongside 100+ other unique, exotic and fast cars, going to places beyond your wildest imagination while gathering thousands of stories and experiences to share with your new friends. SG2K is the ultimate road-going adventure and is taking its participants to Europe’s finest hotspots, while guiding all teams over the best stretches of asphalt Europe has to offer.

Each year expanding

StreetGasm Family

While collecting so many memories together with your StreetGasm friends, a special bond is crafted. Friends become family and family is forever!

Among our drivers there are many influential and well-known people each year. During the past SG2K editions we have had the privilege to welcome lots of entrepreneurs, DJ’s, Youtubers, athletes, models and TV personalities.

Among our Family members are: Afrojack, Shmee150, Seb Delanney, Carvlogger, Sidney Samson, la Fuente, Joseph Klibansky, JayJay Boske, Anna Nooshin, Jordy Dost and Nochtli Alvares. Every year the StreetGasm family is getting bigger and bigger!

Maurice Hartsuiker en Afrojack

SG2K Crazy Themes

SG2K is all about being the best and most crazy version of yourself. We encourage our teams to be as unique as possible. Mindblowing carwraps, pranks, amazing themes and crazy cars. Over the years we have seen so many amazing creations. Superheroes, fighterpilots, dinosaurs, playboybunnies, too much to name them all. This will all add up to becoming the ultimate winner of SG2K and walk away with one of the highly desired trophies.

by day we drive, by night we

Party like a rockstar

Expect some outrageous VIP parties in the most exclusive clubs of the cities we visit. Each year we have some topnotch DJs driving with us who absolutely know how to get the vibe going. Get ready for some next level partying!

more than just driving

five star experience

Besides driving the best European driving roads, SG2K offers a true holiday experience. You will stay in the very best 5 star hotels from leading hotel chains such as Marriott, Kempinski, Hyatt, W Hotels, Leading hotels of the World and more. Just leave your car in the secured and easy accessible parking areas and enjoy your holiday.

During SG2K you can expect great side events and always a day without driving in the middle of the week. The perfect day to recharge and make fun with your SG2K friends. SG2K has proven to be more than just a road-going adventure, SG2K is a way of life!

SG2K crew

service & support

Each year our designated SG2K crew consists out of more than 25 people. They are offering our participants full service throughout the trip. They will be available for all of your questions during the complete event, 24/7!

At every checkpoint we will also have our StreetGasm Girls to welcome you with their lovely smiles. On top of that, SG2K will think of all ways to fulfill your wishes. We offer our Luggage Service, VIP check in, Technical staff and so much more!