SG2K VI – Road to Como

November 27, 2020

After the first day of driving was only highway it was time to enjoy some great driving roads. The first thing we needed to do was getting out of Germany, which was easier said than done. We received a lot of company from the police with even closed highways to grab us,.. Of course everybody was drivingĀ according the speed limits, so nobody had any problems ;).Ā 

When we entered Switzerland we saw the mountains appearing at the horizon. The mountainroads were just around the corner! After a small energizing checkpointĀ at the foot of the Splugenpass it was solely driving heaven for our participants. The Splugenpass is an amazing road to drive. CountlessĀ curves with snow at the mountaintops caused an amazing scenery to see all these drivers pushing theirĀ supercars to their limits. After a few intense hours of driving through the beautiful Italian nature the teams arrived atĀ the relaxing Sheraton hotel in Como. With the swimming pool and the cars parked in the garden, it was the ultimate deserved retreat for our SG2K teams.


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