SG2K Trophy winners have set the bar

February 17, 2023

During SG2K TEN, our anniversary edition, the three teams who stood out the most were ORANGE MADNESS, BORED APE YACHT CLUB and TEAM TEXAS. They have won the highly desired SG2K Trophies.

Orange Madness took the third place with their orange flares and smoke bombs, and everywhere they went they started the party!
Bored Ape Yacht Club changed into the two craziest bananas you have ever seen. Their dedication was out of this world. Everywhere you saw the Yellow GT3 coming, the two bananas jumped out and made their spectacular entrance!

The one team that stood out was Team Texas. These SG2K Veterans, who don’t need an introduction, have won their fourth SG2K First price. A well-deserved trophy earned by their impersonation of their characters. From the car, to their outfits, to the goodies they’ve brought.

These teams have raised the bar for SG2K ELEVEN. We can’t wait to see all of the crazy themes this year. The trip through Morocco promises to be a spectacular one!