SG2KNINE starts in Bratislava

December 10, 2020

We bring the SG2KNINE start to Slovakia’s capital city BRATISLAVA.
On the 13th of June we welcome all teams in a beautiful 5 star hotel, located on the banks of the Donau river with the SG2KNINE Starting Grid based directly in front of the entrance. After checkin the teams will be invited for the kick-off dinner high in the sky overlooking the capital city, followed by a banging SG2KNINE Kickoff party.

The next day big crowds will gather to see all SG2KNINE teams leaving Bratislava. From 10 in the morning the festivities will take place and at 12:00 sharp the beautiful SG2K ladies will drop the flag to start this SG2KNINE adventure.

SG2K will once more raise the bar and bring you an experience not to be found anywhere else. We worked very hard to give you an experience like never before and picked both the cities, venues and driving roads carefully. Next years route will be full of new and undiscovered SG2K cities combined with some of our favorite places of all times, making SG2KNINE the craziest so far!

As the SG2K route always remains a secret we will not tell you the complete route, but we reveal some highlights in the coming months. A first glimpse of what you may expect: One of our favorite driving roads off all times will return in this 9th edition of SG2K! The Jadranska Magistrala (Adriatic Highway) is not only world famous, but loved by many of us petrolheads. Mindblowing views and numerous curves on perfect asphalt is making this one of the highlights of SG2KNINE.

After a week full of automotive adventures SG2KNINE finishes in style. The amazing scenery of the Italian landscape never disappoints, as well as their cities with its rich history. The 120 supercars will create a majestic parade through ancient Italian streets and modern buildings. Prepare for a spectacular finish in one of Italy’s most famous cities.

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