SG2K VI – Closing Party

November 27, 2020

The last evening became one to remember. The teams were invited in one of the most beautiful venues of Valencia, the l’Umbracle garden. All of these amazing people in an open air garden with beautiful palmtrees on the pumping beats of DJ La Fuente. What more did we need? The SG2K Trophies of course!

Winners were:

WANNAHAVES AWARD┬á– The photo with the most likes on the @Wannaheaves Instagram account.
– A photo by Sebastian Spruch: 10.352 likes!

ALL BALLS OUTFor the team who knows exactly what the SG2K lifestyle means.
– Team King Bro’s. Having two cars in the same theme, dressed as oil sheiks (the complete┬áfamily!) throughout the week, shooting confettiguns everywhere they go and throwing money and ‘Allah Akhbar’s’ all around. It was a great pleasure to have you with us during SG2K the 6EXIEST!

BADDEST LUCKThe trophy nobody wanted to win.
– Team Pacha. He missed one corner and drove his car into a major ditch… Car wasn’t able to move on, but luckily the drivers were fine and they completed the trip with a substitute car. That’s the SG2K spirit!

AKRAPOVIC AWARDFor the car with the best exhaust noise.
– Team DTMobility 01 / Audi RS6. Incredible┬ánoise came out of┬áthe mounted Akrapovic exhaust, Every city we visited people thought machineguns were fired! Great soundtrack!

THE 6EXIEST SG2K TROPHIESThis top three was designated for the teams who gathered the most SG2K points. They could do this with the HUBLOT Target Times and Altitude rewards but the most points could be gathered with the crazy themes. Carwraps, outfits, stunts, pranks, it was one big competition. We had a few very good competitors, which made it hard to judge. But the winners were:

  • SG2K 1stTeam Dumb & Dumber / Audi RS6. A never seen before┬ádogskin carwrap, everyday new outfits, the themewrapped minibike… Too many crazy moments to name.
  • SG2K 2ndSG2K Fire Department / Lamborghini Huracan Novitec. Amazing looking car in fire department wrap, firemen suits, putting fires along the route and revving like a maniac!
  • SG2K 3rdTeam Rogue One / Audi RS7.┬áA Star Wars wrapped RS7, matching outfits every day, confetti pranks.. They are every year high in the ranking, keep up the good work!


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