SG2K 7 Starts in Portoroz Slovenia

November 27, 2020



This year the big start of SG2K will be in the beautiful city of Portoroz, located on the sunny side of Slovenia. Portoroz is a vibrant town on Slovenia’s beautiful west coast.

On Saturday the 9th of June, the lovely StreetGasm hostesses will welcome all teams at the impressive 5 star Kempinski Palace Hotel. This will be the first checkin for the most memorable week of the participants life. Driving 2000 miles together 120 other unique, exotic and fast cars, going to places beyond your wildest imagination, while gathering thousands of memories and experiences to share with the new StreetGasm family.

Kempinski Portoroz
Obala 45
6320 Portoroz, Slovenia



Get Ready For SG2K 7 – Lucky NUMBER Seven

The SG2K 7 – Lucky Number Seven teamlist is getting pretty impressive. It is becoming a list filled with the most amazing exotic cars. All types of Porsches, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLarens and so manny more will be present at Europeans craziest supercar event! The SG2K crazy theme’s will be outrageous as the bar was set extremely high last year.  Click below to see the updated SG2K 7 teamlist.